Project Careaoke | Project Careaoke
Everybody Hurts. Many worthy, smaller, charitable organizations in Colorado are under- supported. Their mission is to serve, not fundraise. Heroes. That’s where you can help. As a Contributor (donor), a Champion (singer participant) or Sponsor. You are the hero, selecting the cause you most wish to support. We Can Make It Happen. Project Careaoke brings together our Heroes, with needy Charities, by sponsoring fun, Karaoke-themed events. Celebration. Money raised goes directly to local under-supported charities, on behalf of our Heroes. Giving back to the Colorado communities we live in and serve.
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How can I be a HERO?


Whether you are a karaoke enthusiast attending one of our events, or an organization making a charitable contribution to worthy Colorado causes, we make it easy for you to make a difference.


You love karaoke and having fun on stage! Now you can sing your heart out and also help others in need. Bring your friends and family along to vote for you by donation. Contest winners receive a cash prize and a generous donation for their favorite local charity.


We want to partner with you to sponsor teams of singers from your own organization to participate in our fun events. Celebrate the completion of an important project, enjoy a fun team-building event, compete with other local companies for the greater good, and create new interest in helping under-supported charities here in Colorado.

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