Who We Are

We are a nonprofit for nonprofits

With decades of combined experience in nonprofit fundraising, we saw a need in our community. That need was to give already great, yet under-supported organizations a helping hand in their mission. Colorado has more than 20,000 charitable organizations that are important in creating quality of life in our state. We hope to bolster those efforts by bringing funding to these causes. We also strive to create fun and unique events, where donors, patrons, and sponsors can enjoy their gift and network philanthropically.

Meet The Board

Please excuse our dust! We are in the middle of updating our website and have a few more things to properly update. You can connect with our board of directors via email here:

Shayao McFarland, Executive Director and Co-Founder: shayao@projectcareaoke.org
Stephanie Strong, President and Co-Founder:

Donate Today to Colorado Community - Based Organizations

All proceeds will benefit the nonprofit organizations represented in our fundraising